About Us

Purple Heart Supply is the cultural embodiment of a mode of being. The liberation of the individual and the call to reclaim one's own light; encapsulated in the maxim “Defeat Fear Accept Excellence”. Not to be confused with the purple heart medallion, the brand maintains the essence of royalty and the voice of courage to the return to our fullest state of being.  

Stemming from his own personal walk in life, this philosophy is what drives Nick Antwi’s creative force through luxury design & essentials, expressed with bold typography, mantra’s & imagery. 

Perpetuating his philosophy, PHS aims to contravene the current fashion standards by erasing the line between casual and formal. Out of that comes a tailored form with function; comfort and utility infused with technical precision. PHS deconstructs formality and reimagines classics to suit any context.


Everyone we work with we look to build amazing, long lasting relationships because we embody our ethos. We work closely with all our suppliers to ensure that the owners and workers alike are happy because we believe that this is what strengthens the communities, brings people together and elevates everyone.

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